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The use of consultants has increasingly become a normative part of doing business in the social sector. Consultants are regularly used by nonprofits and foundations alike for a variety of capacity-building efforts — from strategic planning, organizational development, and program evaluation to financial modeling and building social entrepreneurship. This trend is not likely to go away.

In the past, the social sector consulting “industry” has remained largely an unregulated, under the radar, word-of-mouth cottage industry. As such, it is beset with strengths and shortcomings. In recent years, however, with the rapid growth of the philanthropic sector and increased investments in capacity building, the consulting industry has grown, expanded and evolved into having market-driven, broadly accepted norms and implicit standards of practice.

ImpactRising.org helps to make these norms and standards explicit, so that social sector organizations like nonprofits, NGOs and foundations don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Designed to support social sector organizations and consultants with tools and resources to get ready for engagement in capacity-building projects, ImpactRising.org aims to help make the consulting sector stronger. Ultimately, ImpactRising.org presses for greater transparency and accountability and aims to raise the level of consulting quality in the social sector.

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  1. I am looking forward to learning more about meaningful and effective consulting engagements with ImpactRising.org. As a former consultant to nonprofits and now an ED of a growing nonprofit, I am aware of the pitfalls of misaligned or poorly defined engagements but am not able to keep up with best practices in the field as much as I would like. As we are engaging with a board governance consultant over the next month, your insights will prove very timely to us. Thanks!

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