Are You Ready To Work With A Consultant?

You’re on this site because you are thinking about, believe you’re ready, or are already working with a consultant to help build your organization’s and/or your network’s capacity.

Here are some things for you to consider as you think about whether or not you’re really ready:

  • Have you done an organizational assessment to identify organizational priorities to address? (See more here: Organizational Assessment Tools)
  • Have you considered your and your team’s time and capacity to engage in a meaningful capacity-building effort?  If more time is needed above-and-beyond your team’s day-to-day responsibilities, have you found ways to delegate, set aside, reallocate or bring in additional support for normal day-to-day responsibilities?
  • Have you identified a key facilitator (who could be you) to be the primary point person to work with the consultant to keep the project moving forward?
  • Have you set aside a budget for both the project as well as implementation?
  • Have you considered your organization’s ability to absorb, implement, or take on new tasks or changes based on the results of the project?

Find out more about your organization’s readiness to engage in a new consulting project by reading these helpful pieces: