Getting Started

Thinking about partnering with a consultant to start a capacity-building project for your organization?

First, decide if you will require an outside consultant for your capacity-building project.  Read this helpful TechSoup blog as part of your exploration process:  When to use consultants: Effectively staffing your organization. It asks four guiding questions:

  • What sources of support do you have already?
  • Can you use volunteers?
  • Do you need to hire a systems administrator? (this is a technically-oriented resource)
  • Can a consultant meet your needs?

Another helpful resource developed by Move to End Violence is the Guide to Selecting an Organizational Development Consultant, which provides an overview to help you assess your organizational needs and to prepare you for setting up the work.

Then, if you’ve decided that hiring an outside consultant can help address your needs, take a look at Robert Gass’ Partnering with Consultants to get an overview of what’s involved.  Topics covered:

  • Types of Organizational Consultants
  • Transformational Consulting
  • Finding Consultants
  • Defining Your Needs
  • Interviewing and Selecting Consultants
  • The Proposal
  • Assessment
  • Positioning the Consultant
  • Managing the Consultant
  • Managing Yourself
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